Lavender is a popular scent for relieving anxiety, and it also has active ingredients great for
the skin.

● Lavender has relaxing properties to soothe and moisturize the skin
● Has antibacterial properties helping fight acne-causing bacteria
● Helps regenerate skin cells
● Balances your skin’s PH level, leaving it soft and smooth
● Deeply cleanses clogged pores
● Suits sensitive skin
● Made from 100% pure konjac root fibre
● Vegan and biodegradable
● Natural and free from chemical preservatives & colouring


Lavender Konjac sponge 5

How To Use Konjac Sponge?


Soaking in warm water for 2-3 minutes and after gently Massage Face or Body in Circular Motion, Rinse Well and Hang to dry.

We recommend replacing Sponge every 6 weeks as its 100% Natural Vegetable Fiber


Lavender Konjac sponge hanging in bathroom

100% Pure Konjac Lavender Premium Facial Organic Sponge




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  1. This sponge gets so soft after soaking in water like a pillow.

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